Our Products

The Means to Fulfill Our customer Needs

Industrial Automation and Proses Control

  • Manufacture of industrial machineries
  • Manufacture of industrial mechanical components
  • Renewal/ Upgrading the obsolete control panels and process control
  • Manufacture of instrumentation systems and measuring tools

Drive System

  • Module/ tool setting speed drive system for industrial machineries.
  • Manufacture and assembly of the driving transmission system
  • Sensor and driving controls for industrial machineries.
  • Security driving system for industrial machineries.

HMI (Human to Machine Interface)

  • Operator Display to control the machine using industrial display.
  • Computer-based Programs to control the machine.
  • Centralized Data Monitoring System/ Data Concentrator from the plant floor to the main server or from a remote plant with optical fiber-based or satellite-based.