RAFINDO RAYA is a high service level engineering company engaged in the industrial manufacturing and automation, drive systems and human machine interface (HMI) focuses on the field of manufacturing and mechanical & electrical engineering to support the industrial, automation system and data monitoring. The company has experienced in the field of heavy equipment industries, automotive, rubber, oil and gas industries.

Our Products

The Means to Fulfill Our customer Needs

Industrial Automation and Proses Control

  • Manufacture of industrial machineries
  • Manufacture of industrial mechanical components
  • Renewal/ Upgrading the obsolete control panels and process control
  • Manufacture of instrumentation systems and measuring tools

Drive System

  • Module/ tool setting speed drive system for industrial machineries.
  • Manufacture and assembly of the driving transmission system
  • Sensor and driving controls for industrial machineries.
  • Security driving system for industrial machineries.

HMI (Human to Machine Interface)

  • Operator Display to control the machine using industrial display.
  • Computer-based Programs to control the machine.
  • Centralized Data Monitoring System/ Data Concentrator from the plant floor to the main server or from a remote plant with optical fiber-based or satellite-based.

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